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Shamanic Earth Medicine Dreaming

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Our thoughts on how we are moving through this time of dreaming awake, entering into a new paradigm on Earth.

Within the Shamanic Earth Medicine Team, we feel so grateful to be experiencing beautiful human expressions during these times, with consciousness around respect, responsibility, community, and support. Respect for what we are all traversing, responsibility for each other’s well-being, community spirit and engagement, and supporting each other in any way we can.

The emails and communications we are receiving are representative of a community not paralysed in fear, but braced for a new wave, a wave we have all been waiting to ride onto the shores of the new earth. A place and time where the consciousness of love-centered connection is spreading through our lands, encoded in the DNA of collective experience and empathy, our instinctive nature to nurture each other.

This virus highlights the societal dis-ease of busyness, distraction and disconnectedness that we have all felt and been a part of for a very long time. Projecting our happiness, peace, contentment and fulfilment in life further out into that future ‘when’. The fictional time stamp in the future when we have decided to start living. The dis-ease of victimism and slavery, where we have forgotten our sovereign right to thrive, not just exist, not ‘manage’, ‘make it through’ or ‘survive’. This dis-ease that has taken hostage; our present, our power, our freedom, our happiness and our health.

In our emails, we are hearing the voices of hope, people are excited, realistic of the cost, but also excited.. These are times of great collective restlessness, a growing surge and social uprising, the wave we have all felt building behind the discomfort of being confined to an increasingly uncomfortable mould. With the cracks in the Matrix exposing the prison of the mind humanity has been operating under, our circumstances have become less and less tolerable. The macro doses of unpleasantness we have been exposed to have been revealed, not many of us are still willing to line up for it. We are ready to create together from our hearts; to sing together, to dance, to celebrate, to learn, to experience, commune with nature, to flourish and nourish ourselves, others and our beautiful planet. We are ready to remember that we are in paradise, that we have everything we need here, we are provided for. We realise that scarcity and suffering are created by our societal structures of greed and control.

Shamanic Earth Medicine is committed to supporting this wave, this new consciousness; love, community, connection, abundance, vibrational integration with the higher purpose of this upheaval.

Please connect with us and let us know how of any other ways we can be of service to our community.

Sending much love and blessings for safe passage through these times. May you walk in beauty.

Peter and the Shamanic Earth Medicine Team

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