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Drum Making Weekend Ceremony

Next Event 18-19 November 2023

    Family, it is that time of the year where Shamanic Earth Medicine offers our 2 Day Shamanic Medicine Drum Making Ceremony here at our beautiful property at Currumbin Valley on the Gold Coast.

    If the Medicine Drum has called you in the past and you have always wanted to make one, or you have one and find now it is time to create a second Medicine Drum, then maybe it is time to join us for this experience of a lifetime.

As you open into your own inner wisdom and breathe your Sacred Breath, trust your inner guidance through the process of crafting this empowering experience of creating your own Medicine Drum.

Allow yourself to surrender into the alchemy of your heart, as you are held through the journey of connecting with these ancient shamanic practices.

Awakening, through your personal journey and medicine, creating a sacred instrument for ceremony, celebration, healing, and journeying with love, respect, and honour.

The materials we use and the spirit of the animals are all honoured and blessed with deep reverence and gratitude.

Included in the cost of the ceremony:
* Lunch, morning and afternoon tea Saturday
* Lunch, morning and afternoon tea Sunday
* Materials for creating either a 15" or an 18" medicine drum (Kangaroo, Goat or Deer hide)
* Materials for creating a drum beater
* The teachings and wisdom of this Sacred Inupiat lineage
* Personalised sacred drum blessing
* Instruction on basic drum beats, Drum care and etiquette

Student Access


This is not just a Drum Making experience, but 2 full days immersed in ceremony honouring tradition. Opening the space with a unique altar we create as a group. Interwoven through the drum making process is the depth and grace of Peter’s teachings and his lineage of the Sacred hoop of life.

Creating a medicine Drum is a process, a rite of passage when approached with reverence and proper time is allowed to surrender into the creation. We move through the depths of surrendering as you awaken your drum, coming into your own power in this process.

You will learn how to play your drum in the traditional Shamanic ways. We share different drum beats and the purposes of these.
Our medicine drums are of very high quality; the materials we use, and the intricate crafting techniques are clearly apparent in the finished product and in their long term functionality and durability. Our drums stand out as beautiful examples of the complexity, meaning and history expressed through this traditional way of weaving a medicine drum.

A well made medicine drum should stand up to the test of time, Peter has been making medicine drums for over 3 decades, the first drums he made are still in regular use.

Peter’s 35 plus years’ experience have afforded him tricks of the trade to assist you in making a clean and perfectly aligned drum.
Community building, being a 2 day journey where we deepen together through shared meals, sharing wisdom and ceremony.
Unique and personalised drum blessing from Peter to activate your drum. This is such a special process of honouring both you and your Drum

Traditional Storytelling over the weekend further connects you to the lineage of your medicine drum.

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Full Package: $1,200 (balance to be paid before workshop)
Deposit: $400 (required on booking)

Please contact the Shamanic Earth Medicine Team so we can forward you the Payment Details (Payment Plans Available on Request) and the address once your deposit has been paid. Click Below:


Saturday: 8:15am - 8:00pm
Sunday: 8:30am - 6:00pm


* Any sacred items you would like to place on the altar - eg crystals, photo, feathers, medicine tool, jewellery etc.
* A pen and journal
* A water bottle
* Wear comfortable clothes - bring layers as we may vary in temperature here on the land

We share in depth about drum care and etiquette to ensure you are well informed about the proper care and use of your drum, adhering also to proper traditional protocols and practices.

The weekend is fully catered with delicious nourishing vegetarian food, you are supported to completely surrender into the whole experience.

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