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1-1 Shamanic Healing Sessions, Coaching & Mentorship

with Peter Bowden

About Shamanic Mentoring & Healing


Mentoring with Peter is an individual offering for those who want to learn and apply the Medicine that Peter shares on themselves. Similar to the concept of “unschooling” - the structure of the mentoring with Peter will be based on the individual and their unique contexts and curiosities. 


If you are called to seek self-empowerment and make changes in your life, Peter is available for in-person or online sessions. Gain the freedom to do whatever it is you wish, to discover and call forward all that you are and all that you can be. 

Who is this for?

As we journey across different dimensions of life, through the past, the present and into the future, life can be a struggle. If you find yourself struggling with illness, anxiety, addiction or depression you may be interested to find that your condition may come from a previous trauma in this life or from a past life. Maybe it is time to call back aspects of yourself with Soul Retrieval and Soul Fragmentation Journeying.


Losing energy, power or balance can happen when people experience traumatic events. Traumas can take many forms, such as, abuse, an accident, a big change in life, over-stressed from work, death of a loved one, events from previous lifetimes, and many other possibilities.


Medicine People believe that illness will appear in the spirit before it is created in the physical body and that healing on a spiritual level can prevent conditions from appearing in the physical form at all. Most people ask for a healing once an illness has been diagnosed.


What Can You Learn?

  • Shamanic Daily Practices

  • Hollow Bone

  • Four Direction Dance

  • Seven Purifying Breaths

  • Medicine Drumming

  • Creating Sacred Space

  • Medicine Wheel / Sacred Hoop of Life


What Can You Receive?

  • Shamanic Drum Healing

  • Energy Healing / Alignment

  • Soul Retrieval

  • Soul Fragmentation Recovery

  • Past Life Regression

  • Counselling

  • Distance Healing

  • Entity / Energetic Parasites / Curse Removal

*Note: After spending some time in mentoring, you can enrol in the Shamanic Mystery School to learn to facilitate the above on yourself and others. 

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