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Native Drums

1-1 Shamanic Healing Sessions, Coaching & Mentorship

with Peter Bowden

Offering private sessions online & in-person
in the beautiful Currumbin Valley

These offerings are for people looking for:

* Developing your own personal practice
* Sharing deeper foundation studies on Shamanism.
* Shamanism in this Modern World
* Using the Medicine Drum for healing in this Modern World
* Intensive personal development sessions
* Shamanic earth based medicine practices

* Intensive Shamanic Sessions such as:
- Past Life Progressions
- Soul Fragmentation - Conception to present day
- Soul Retrieval
- Timeline Journeys - Past / Present / Future
- 7 Generation Ancestral Linage Journeys
- Masculine / Feminine Entity and Curse Removal / Retrieval
- Dark Night of the Soul Trauma
- Luminous Body (auric field) and Energy Centre Re-alignments
● And any other personal requests

Peter primarily favours the use of the Shamanic Medicine Drum, his Voice, Rattle and other Medicine / Shamanic Tools in his Healing Sessions. Through these mediums clients are guided into a state of open receptiveness and connection. The tones and rhythm of Shamanic Drumming facilitates a trance-like alignment to clear consciousness. From this place of stillness, Peter is able to assist his clients in making necessary shifts to support well-being and empower them on their own journey of self awareness and discovery. These sessions are adapted to the unique and personal needs of the individual.

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