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Peter Bowden - Womblé Mahtu

Peter Bowden is an Australian Indigenous Medicine Man who has been drawn by his ancestors to walk this earth, learning and teaching the beauty way through Shamanism.


Over the past 30 years, Peter has been sharing traditional earth-based medicine teachings, sacred stories and healings passed to him by shamanic elders and wisdom keepers from around the world.

Peter shares these teachings, both in his native land and abroad. In the flow of discovering through personal initiation, Peter started on his journey with shamanic teachings for his own healing. He has lived among and learned from native peoples holding the wisdom he was seeking.

Through this direct connection, guidance, and commitment to this path, Peter has been blessed with life-changing gifts he now has the pleasure of sharing with others.

Peter brings his experience and connection to you through shamanic education, retreats, ceremonies, public speaking and private healing sessions. Experiencing these offerings support and empower you to walk your own medicine path within the Sacred Hoop of Life.

Learning on this journey how to move into deeper states of healing consciousness, for the betterment of yourself and all beings. Healing of the self on these levels allows for the full potential of your soul to express in the physical plane, through the lens of a clear sense of purpose and contribution. 

Shamanic Earth Medicine is a collective of Peter’s life service. These offerings are a culmination of this lifetime of teachings, history and traditions, traditionally handed down to him from the Lakota, Apache, Inuit, Cree and South American elders.

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