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Reflections of a World in Transition

by Peter Bowden

Hello beautiful tribe!

Wow.. what a time we are in! Times of big changes, huge shifts, old ways collapsing and new ways emerging; in our spiritual, emotional, mental and physical fields. We are all feeling the waves and the effects on all levels.

It is very interesting at this time to observe the choices people are making. The current uncertainty we face is providing us with clear feedback, reflecting our level of commitment to the consciousness we seek to embody. We speak about ‘creating our own reality’ – through intention, prayer, sacred practice and disciplines, through our connections with each other and our natural world, maintaining a high vibration through which to express our thoughts and actions.

During these times of mass hardship and challenges affecting us on a global scale, we have before us an important choice. To commune with our guides, connect with our higher consciousness and intuition and process and express through the higher channels; love, compassion, kindness, tolerance, understanding, support, guidance, trust, faith, hope, community, inspiration, joy, abundance.. We have the choice to co-create a new reality from this space. A space that is currently being cleared, swept away, to make way for the new.

We in no way trivialise the cost of human life and the turmoil that many will experience before the dust settles. An overhaul of this magnitude is not going to be comfortable for anyone. It is probably safe to say at this point that we will all be touched by this in one way or another. Our team at Shamanic Earth Medicine is offering prayer on a daily basis for assistance and relief to those who are suffering.

What a perfect reminder that we are connected, that we are a world community – Humans, Earth beings who inhabit the same planet. It is these broader views that need to come into focus, the big picture, the collective whole. We cannot continue within a paradigm of separation, exclusion, operating under the false belief that one of us does not affect the others. Every person’s transmission feeds into the global network, every person’s footprint upon the Earth leaves an impression. This virus, as with all things, seen and unseen between us, transverses all ‘borders’. The impact we are feeling from the spread of this viral condition, is one way we can become acutely aware of the fundamental truth of connectivity. Understanding with clarity that anything we call into existence, ‘exists’ as a viral condition of the human collective consciousness, penetrating our physicality. We are weakened or strengthened by the intention and energetic content of the ‘viruses’ we create. Love too can be viral, certainly contagious, infecting the hearts of many with its unwavering mission to heal and hold us in our most pure state of being.

What we are suggesting, is that through the discomfort and pain, we look for the sacred lessons that are rising from the destruction of what we have ‘known’, or held, for perhaps too long, as our collective truths, or constructs. The ‘Matrix’ as they call it is collapsing, in our view, this is certainly the silver lining. The new expansive and love-centered world we have all held in our hearts and nurtured; through our ways of being in the world and connecting with others, is now birthing as a collective reality. Through the crumbling ruins of the old outdated ways that have kept us small and limited and separated, we see the truth of how much of our power, our innate truth and natural state of perfection, we have given away and allowed to be corrupted. How much we have allowed nature and the animal beings of this world to suffer also, under this oppression.

We are seeing all over the world examples of nature thriving during this time of human stillness. Heavily burdened areas of the world, which are going back to their natural state of beauty and balance during this reprieve from human interference. Waterways running clear, animals returning, blue skies breaking through smog.. Our natural environment is taking a deep breath, a sigh of relief in our absence. Are we noticing what our world looks like without our constant demands being placed upon it..? Our rushing and fevering for more.. Our excesses, the constant push and incessant activity, leaving no time or space for any of us to TAKE A DEEEEEEEP BREATH… breathe in the beauty and magnificence of life.

When was the last time you noticed the stars?, sat and observed long enough to see a star shooting across the night sky.. When did you last stop to smell a flower, walk along a creek bed, or watch a butterfly..? Children allow themselves time to play, daydream, fantasise, enjoy and engage with the natural world around them. There are a whole host of documented benefits to support these natural states of being as valuable and necessary. Dropping into states of play, fantasy and daydreaming supports cognitive function, engaging creativity and imagination to enhance our thought processes. Getting your shoes off and connecting with the earth under your feet, particularly walking barefoot on the beach floods your body with beneficial negative ions. Gardening, getting your hands into the soil, exposes you to microbes which have been scientifically proven to affect mood in a positive way, it is also suggested that these microbes support healthy immune function, give your brain a boost and protect your system from allergies.

Forced to pause, with the wheels of our industrialised world grinding to a halt, our planes out of the sky, our trains off the tracks, our neighbourhoods quiet, cafes empty, schools closed, people staying in their homes, work ceasing.. It is time to take back our time, or to exist outside of time, to be still, to be connect, to remember..

Handshands united around the world

Fully awake, may we all dream a new world into existence.

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