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Drum Making

The Full Story

Peter brings his experience and connection to you through shamanic education, retreats, ceremonies,

public speaking, and private healing sessions. Experiencing these offerings and support will empower you to walk your own medicine path within the Sacred Hoop of Life.


Learning on this journey how to move into deeper states of healing consciousness,

for the betterment of yourself and all beings. Healing of the self on these levels allows for the full potential of your soul to express in the physical plane, through the lens of a clear sense of purpose and contribution. 

Honour yourselves, honour your Drum and awaken to this journey of self-discovery.


The Medicine Drum

With Inuit Elder - Grey Wolf - 
as his Mentor, Teacher & Guide passing on and blessing Peter through his journey into the Medicine Drum that he now shares with thousands of people all over the world through the Shamanic Earth Medicine Ceremonies, Retreats & Educational Programs.

Retreats & Ceremonies

Become part of the Shamanic Earth Medicine Community through our wonderful Retreats, Ceremonies and learning programs. 


Offering all kinds of incredible experiences and opportunities for anyone wishing to dive deeper into the world of Shamanism and Sound Healing.


Expanding into the realm of deep healing

and co-creation with the heartbeat of

the sacred Medicne Drum ~


Learning the Art of Drum Making,

Shamanic Practices and Ceremonial Facilitation.

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Drum Making Weekend Ceremony
Drum Making Weekend Ceremony
18 Nov 2023, 8:00 am AEST
Currumbin Valley
Awakening, through your personal journey and medicine, creating a sacred instrument for ceremony, celebration, healing, and journeying with love, respect, and honour with esteemed Elder, Wombè Mathu [Peter Bowden]
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