The Importance of a Daily Shamanic Personal Practice

We all live busy lives and are on the move a lot of the time, with work, family, school, study andmore. As our lives have become fuller we forget to take the time to come back to ourselves and focus on our own daily practice.

As my practice is about Shamanism I would like to share about Shamanic Daily practice that honours, “Shamanic Self Mastery” through mind, body and spirit.

Over the years, I’ve been asked why we even need a personal daily practice. It can seem like a lot ofeffort, and many people feel they have already done a lot of work on their path and don’t need to do anymore – they just want to put their energy into space holding for other’s, rather than themselves.

My response to them is always, “If we can’t create and hold a space for our own personal ceremony first, then how can we hope to create ceremony and hold space for others?”

Our personal daily practice is an important part of self-mastery and walking the shamanic path. We want to be aware of our mind, body