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Intro to Rapeh

Drum Making Weekend Ceremony

Next Event 18-19 November 2023

    Are you ready to open to the Great Mystery and call forth all that you are and all that you can be?

    Are you committed to your own healing, personal growth, and self-empowerment?

    Would you like guidance and support to hold space for change, welcoming a shift in your life path to reflect your soul truth and unique contribution to all beings?

    If you are being called, and are ready to commit to this journey of self-mastery through shamanism and earth-based medicine practices, our team is available now to discuss this opportunity with you.


Throughout this program, Peter shares a culmination of his 30 years of wisdom, passed down to him by virtue of teachers and elders from all over the world. Combined with Peter’s life experience, this Shamanic Self-Mastery Program is a unique offering that cannot be duplicated. These traditional teachings and ceremonies will support you to develop your own intrinsic resources and continuously deepen your shamanic practices.

Personal self-mastery is experienced through a lifetime pursuit of daily embodiment and connection to the Earth and Spirit. Aligning with your highest expression, and attuning yourself to clearly channel guidance, not only allows you to effectively hold sacred space for your own healing, it activates the tools to facilitate growth for individuals and groups.

As a student of the Shamanic Mystery School, you will be invited to join the private Facebook group. This is a dynamic platform where students can connect and support each other, sharing their experiences and learning with one another. We hope you view this closed group as a safe space to share.


*Please read and agree to our group guidelines upon joining. Interaction hub with the Shamanic Earth Medicine team for quarterly Seasonal / Elemental Activities. Daily Practice and Journaling check-ins.


This will be a space for you to maintain focus, to progress through your learning. An interactive support forum with the Shamanic Earth Medicine team, and our student community. We highly encourage students to ask questions within the group so everyone benefits from the feedback.


If you have a question you feel is particularly private in nature, or you wish to share a concern you are experiencing in relation to the training or group, please feel free to private message us.

Student Access

 Inclusive in the full 1 year program (over 13 moons)

10% Discount on all Shamanic Earth Medicine Equinox and Solstice Events and Ceremonial  offerings throughout the year. 


10% Discount on all purchases through our Shamanic Earth Medicine Shop for the year.

10% Discount on all Private Mentoring Sessions with Peter Bowden for the year.

Online Learning


Online Learning Format


Online learning – Start Dates

⬧    Winter Season - Element of Air


⬧   Spring Season - Element of Fire

     INTAKE OPEN NOW - Starts Oct 2 - Dec 18

⬧   Summer Season - Element of Water


⬧   Autumn Season - Element of Earth




⬧   Duration 1 year, over 4 seasonal quarters (with                   access for 2 years)


⬧   11 Sessions per Module 

⬧   8 Sessions of video course content

⬧   2 Sessions per module Live with Peter 

⬧   1 x Review and Reflect Paper after each

      11-week online training block

⬧   Seasonal / Elemental Activities each quarter

⬧   Recommended reading list

⬧   Daily Practices (outlined in course content)

⬧   Daily Journaling

Medicine Drum
Drum Making Ceremony Testimonials