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Rapé (pronounced Hapee) is a sacred and powerful plant medicine with deep healing, purifying and centering qualities which has been used for centuries by Brazilian indigenous tribes such as the Huni Kuin, Yawanawa and Nukini.

The Rapé is a powdered mixture made from finely ground Mapacho tobacco and ingredients or ash from various medicinal plants and it is blown into the nose through a bamboo tube (Tepi) or self applicator (kuripe).  It cleans physically & energetically, it heals, opens the heart, centers the mind, clears the consciousness and cleans the pineal gland. Rapé is very good to focus and to maintain better concentration during meditation.

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Yawanawa’ Tsunu

Tsunu is very much about ‘alignment’, it is believed to balance the energies of the body by unlocking blocked energies. In the Amazonian herbal tradition Tsunu is often chosen to help with migraine, influenza, sinusitis, rhinitis, aid poor digestion, constipation and liver. This is good to use prior to meditation.


Yawanawa’ Tsunu Forte

Stronger than Yawanawa’ Tsunu variety.  Perfect for ceremonial use or prior to meditation. Said to assist with alignment and unlocking blocked energies. In the  Amazonian herbal tradition often chosen to help with migraine, influenza, sinusitis, rhinitis, aid poor digestion, constipation and fever.


Kumarui rapeh

Used to open vision and create intense concentration, good for study or meditation. The herb Kumarui is said to promote physical strength and support the nervous system.


Kuntanawa Jiboia Vine

Used traditionally as an incense to attract positive things and become invisible to dark energies, thereby aiding protection. It is said to open the field of spiritual sight and connectedness.  This rapeh is indicated for rituals with power plants to open understanding of spiritual visions.


Kuntanawa Samauma Bark

The Kuntanawa tribe use this rapeh to connect with one’s ancestors and increase spiritual strength. They see the Samauma as possessing a pivotal energy to which all other life yields and therefore is a central character in the forest. They believe the Samauma possesses the spirit of the human being. This plant is aligned with the mighty jaguar who is thought to sleep in the folds created by the mighty roots.


Kuntanawa Sansarah

According to the Kuntanawa tribe the Sansarah plant brings good luck and happiness and appears as a magic snake in ceremony. Sansarah is regarded as a plant of love, prosperity and abundance calming the heart and opening one up to positive things.


Katukina Cumaru
The Katukina tribe of Acre, Brasil, inform us that Cumuru cleanses the sinuses and protects against flu like viruses.  For this purpose they are currently taking it morning and evening. Energetically they note that Cumaru clears the head of thoughts, opens the crown center and promotes more subtle levels of concentration and perception.





Theses product do not intend to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease. They are offered for research and is provided with no expressed or implied fitness for a specific purpose. Consider them as a raw botanical specimen or a scientific sample. The information provided is purely meant for historical, scientific and educational purposes and should never be interpreted as a recommendation for a specific use.


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