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Sananga is revered as sacred by many tribes of the Amazon and has many traditional uses, including healing for both physical and spiritual ailments. It is handmade in small batches by the tribes and is infused with clear energies of the medicine makers.


The spirit of Sananga checks for imbalanced energy patterns and dilutes the forces that constitute panemas (spiritual and/or psychosomatic diseases).  After the Sananga process a state of balance is achieved leaving us more in tune with the forces of nature.  Spiritual visual expands as well as there being a significant improvement in ocular physiology.  Sananga is known to facilitate introspection and meditation, and as a strong stimulant and aphrodisiac.

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Uses and benefits of Sananga:

  • To improve eyesight - reported improvement with varied conditions of the eyes including long range vision; both day and night vision; myopia; colour & depth perception; definition of images and has been said to treat eye diseases such as cataracts and glaucoma

  • To quieten a busy mind bringing calm and clarity and peace of mind

  • Use prior to tasks requiring concentration and detailed focus

  • To deepen meditation practise

  • Expand spiritual vision and awareness - therefore strengthen and improve intuition, support lucid dreaming and psychic abilities

  • Clears stagnant energies on the emotional, physical and spiritual levels by clearing and balancing energies

  • clears field after EMF exposure eg. computer and cell phones

Guidelines for use:

When using for self or others be prepared and know what to expect. Most people experience a sensation of strong burning and prickly pain.


Use only with intention.


We recommend having someone assist you with dispensing eye drops.

  • With eyes closed, have someone place one drop into the corner of each eye, after a moment blink slowly to bring sananga into the eye. Continue to blink from time to time.

  • Do NOT touch or rub the eyes, only gently wipe tears away from edges of eye.

  • Remember to focus on deep steady breathing during the experience.


How often?

There are a few ways to work with sananga which need to be guided by what your intention is for use and also your own intuition.

  • Based on past experience, we often recommend applying sananga 3 times per week for about 6-8 weeks. If it is going to be of help with improved vision, benefit will be seen within this time-frame.. After this, we recommend continuing 1-2x week indeterminately, depending on your personal results.

  • Another suggested method is to use Sananga for a period then take a short break eg. one week on and a few days off. Work in cycles and vary their length.



  • As the drops exert a powerful effect on visualisation it is not recommended to mix them with other medicines.

  • Keep bottle refrigerated, this preserves Sangana for up to 5 months. Do not freeze.

  • Remove contact lenses before applying.

  • If it is too strong, dilute with a sterile saline solution until you can work it back to full strength.

  • Light sensitivity can increase after use, so stay in shaded space up to 30minutes after application.

  • Rarely a person may have vomiting or bowel movement after use.

How long will a 5ml bottle last?


If you apply one drop to each eye per application (that's 2 drops per sitting) and if used 3 times per week, that's 6 drops per week, for 8 weeks is 48 drops. A 5 ml bottle is estimated around 100 drops.

Please keep your Sananga refrigerated.  Shake well prior to use.


Water, Sananga (Tabernaemontana sananho) & preservative Nano-Colloidal Silver.

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