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Shamanic Self Mastery Program

Terms & Conditions


Rights and Risks


  • You may ask questions about any aspect of the processes during teachings or training.


  • Shamanic practices are most effective when you are open and can speak honestly about your emotions and experiences. 


  • Shamanic teachings may include talking about emotionally amplifying subjects and experiences and may access deep emotional states. 


  • You may take or leave what information you are offered or invited to experience. 


  • At no time do we claim through any offerings, to give you a medical diagnosis or treatment.


  • This course is not appropriate for people who are heavily medicated, suffering any debilitating mental conditions or under psychiatric care. 


  • We suggest that if you have any medical and/or mental health concerns, you discuss these issues directly with your doctor or therapist before enrolling in our services.  




  • Any information you share with us will be kept strictly confidential, with the exception that we are required by law to disclose information. We are required by law to disclose information related to the threat of harm to oneself or others.


  • All lesson materials, written and media content remain at all times the property of Shamanic Earth Medicine. These materials are to be used only by our enrolled students and are not to be copied or redistributed for any purposes whatsoever. 


Fees and Payment Plan Agreements


  • Payment plans incur a 10% admin fee.


  • Payment Plan Agreements are legally binding and will need to be signed before the commencement of the program. 


  • Automatic direct debit payments are set up through our payment system in Stripe (penalties apply for late payments)


  • On payment plans, full payment must be received by the end date of each quarter, before you continue to the next quarter. 


Refund / Cancellation Policy


Shamanic Earth Medicine has a No Refund Policy. You have 2 years access to all course material. In extenuating circumstances, such as illness this period may be extended on a case by case basis. 

Liability Waiver


  • By enrolling in training, participating in a ceremony, or attending an event or retreat with Peter Bowden of Shamanic Earth Medicine; the client understands they are entering into a contract indicating understanding of, and agreement with the above Terms and Conditions. 


  • By participating in any offering with Peter Bowden of Shamanic Earth Medicine, the client agrees to fully release, indemnify and hold harmless Peter Bowden and assistants associated with Shamanic Earth Medicine, from any and all claims or liability whatsoever. 


  • The client agrees to take full responsibility for themselves and their experiences, and assume all risk regarding their participation in any offering through Shamanic Earth Medicine. 


Group Calls


  • I agree to be mindful and respectful of other people, and hold space for everyone to share equally if they desire. We would like this to be a safe and welcome space for all personality types to feel comfortable contributing to the group dynamic and drawing support and growth from these teachings and sharings. 


Recorded Material Waiver


I am aware that the Q&A Group calls will be recorded, purely for the purpose of sharing with other members in my group who may not be able to make the session live. I consent to these recordings being shared with members of my group.


If you have any questions - please direct them to

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