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Meet Peter Bowden

Peter Bowden is an Australian Indigenous Medicine Man who has been drawn by his ancestors to walk this earth, learning and teaching the beauty way through Shamanism.


Over the past 30 years, Peter has been sharing traditional earth-based medicine teachings, sacred stories and healings passed to him by shamanic elders and wisdom keepers from around the world.

Peter shares these teachings, both in his native land and abroad. In the flow of discovering through personal initiation, Peter started on his journey with shamanic teachings for his own healing. He has lived among and learned from native peoples holding the wisdom he was seeking.

Through this direct connection, guidance, and commitment to this path, Peter has been blessed with life-changing gifts he now has the pleasure of sharing with others.

Peter brings his experience and connection to you through shamanic education, retreats, ceremonies, public speaking, and private healing sessions. Experiencing these offerings and support will empower you to walk your own medicine path within the Sacred Hoop of Life.


Learning on this journey how to move into deeper states of healing consciousness, for the betterment of yourself and all beings. Healing of the self on these levels allows for the full potential of your soul to express in the physical plane, through the lens of a clear sense of purpose and contribution. 


Shamanic Earth Medicine is a collective of Peter’s life service. These offerings are a culmination of this lifetime of teachings, history, and traditions, traditionally handed down to him from the Lakota, Apache, Inuit, Cree and South American elders.


Grey Wolf, an Indigenous Inuit Elder 

Taught Peter the way of the Medicine Drum.

Since that first lesson with Grey Wolf all those years ago, Peter has shared the wisdom of this weave and the lessons taught by Grey Wolf with over 10,000 medicine people from various cultures all around the world, on retreat and in the Shamanic Earth Medicine educational programs.


“As I experience this life, I acknowledge that we are all a part of each other sharing this journey. From the depths of my heart and soul, I honour those who have walked this path before me, with me and to those who I am still to meet. “

After a number of years into his Earth Walk Peter discovered his family secret – that his Great Grandmother was Indigenous Australian, from the stolen generation through his mother’s family line. 


This discovery was a powerful activation in Peter’s journey as he re-established connection to his people, the Cummeragunja Mob of the Yorta Yorta Nation and re-connected to his ancestral land. This has provided him with an even deeper anchoring, understanding and respect for all life on Mother Earth.

“In full Honour and Dedication to my Great Grandma Chance – I never met you in the flesh, but I see you and feel you in Spirit.”

Peter’s Prayer

We have all been here before, though we don’t remember. Our Journeys are long, with many memories of the past for our Ancestors have walked this path long before us.


The more I walk this earth path the more and more I find myself being drawn back into this present moment to open my heart in the truthfulness of all this beauty, the beauty that is within me and all around me.


As my path unfolds before me, I ask you all to open your hearts within the essence of your being to Mother Earth’s rhythmical heartbeat, to breath with Her in all Her glory; connect to Creator with prayers of the heart.


Opening to the beauty and oneness as brothers and sisters, as we offer up Sacred Smoke as prayers.


Aho, Mitakuye Oyasin (we are all related) with Great Spirit, the Great Mystery,

Mother Earth, Father Sky, and all living Beings.


When I find myself walking within the beauty of life, connecting to this magnificent Oneness. Being able to share this space with others, all the abundance and love of the universe flows to me, as I give thanks with much, much love and deep, deep gratitude for all that I am and all that I have.

The Way of the Drum is my connection to our Earth Mother, and my prayer is that the rhythm of the Drum awakens the Heartbeat deep within us all, so we can connect to the love, nurturing, and healing of this being, our Earth Mother.


Let us become one with the pulse and rhythm of her heartbeat, the heartbeat that is in you and me.

Today, it is exciting to see so many brothers and sisters, both young and old, opening their hearts to Spirit and using the Medicine Drum as a tool for healing, sharing, and self-discovery.


Honour yourselves, honour your Drum and awaken to this journey of self-discovery.

Peter Bowden

Tropical Leaves

As I experience this life I acknowledge that we are all a part of each other sharing this journey.

From the depths of my heart and soul, I honour those who have walked this path before me, with me, and to those who I am still to meet; we have all journeyed these ways before as brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, sons and daughters and many other aspects of ourselves.

I see you all in the beauty of who we all are.


Bless from my heart to your heart. Aho!!

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