Native Drums

Shamanic Coaching / Mentoring

Peter offers private 1-1 Sessions either online or in person.
Drawing on his 30+ years of personal mentoring from traditional elders and his experience as a shamanic practitioner. Peter feels at this point in his journey, a strong desire to pass on this sacred traditional knowledge to empower future generations.

Peter offers both Coaching and Mentoring sessions in person to those who are seeking more of an understanding of Shamanism and Shamanic Practices. If you wish to drop deeper into your daily practice or find out more about shamanic studies. These sessions are adapted and tailored to your unique and personal needs and what you are seeking in the present moment

These offerings are for people looking for:

* Developing your own personal practice
* Sharing deeper foundation studies on Shamanism.
* Shamanism in this Modern World
* Using the Medicine Drum for healing in this Modern World * Intensive personal development sessions
* shamanic earth based medicine practices.
* Intensive Shamanic Sessions:

Past Life Progressions
Soul Fragmentation - Conception to present day
Soul Retrieval
Timeline Journeys - Past / Present / Future
7 Generation Ancestral Linage Journeys - Masculine / Feminine Entity and Curse Removal / Retrieval
Dark Night of the Soul Trauma
Luminous Body (auric field) and Energy Centre Re-alignments

● And any other personal requests.

Peter primarily favours the use of the Shamanic Medicine Drum, his Voice, Rattle and other Medicine / Shamanic Tools in his Healing Sessions. Through these mediums clients are guided into a state of open receptiveness and connection. The tones and rhythm of Shamanic Drumming facilitates a trance-like alignment to clear consciousness. From this place of stillness, Peter is able to assist his clients in making necessary shifts to support well-being and empower them on their own journey of self awareness and discovery. These sessions are adapted to the unique and personal needs of the individual.

ShamanicMentoring- $170.00 x 1 Session

$600.00 x 4 sessions: to be used within 13 weeks from purchase


"Spirit had guided me to Peter Bowden about a year ago but fate had it that we didn’t actually have a session. When I found myself needing to find the level of guidance and healing that I knew only a wise shaman could undertake then I thought of Peter again. I, like most people on the healing journey, am able to help others but find it difficult to help myself. Getting perspective in my journey and healing is what Peter has brought to me and with that a whole new level of freedom and growth to evolve in my own life. Peter has facilitated journeys to some of the most traumatic situations in my Soul’s history and in doing so he has effected some of the most profound healing I have received.

I am so thankful to the Universe for meeting Peter and being privileged to receive his guidance and healing. Peter is a warm, humble and undeniably healing Soul. Just talking to him you feel the energy and wonder what just happened. Peter has taught me Spiritual practice to strengthen my Soul and bring about transformation at the Soul level. I am deeply grateful and honoured to have received such deep and powerful healing.

With gratitude and love"


Michael Liew

"Peter is a modern shaman with great depth of knowledge and a generous heart. He’s part of the renaissance of earth-based healing practices and positive evolutionary thinking. As such, he offers a unique spirit-guided approach to healing and mentoring his clients. I value my time with Peter and appreciate his dedication and craft."


Gemma Summers